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Do arranged marriages have a role to play in society today?

I hear the sound of the end...I have to stick it out. Anyway, this time is about the position of arranged marriages in today's society. It seems a little bit old custom but I feel it's really necessary for today's society. I don't wanna count on matchmakers to get marriage but I often hear that a lot of single people in today lose opportunity to meet their future partner or can't find the meaning of marriage. I don't care about a declining birth rates but I think we have better find someone to get married because it seems more enjoyable than spending life alone.

Although I think we have better find someone to love, I fully understand single people is increasing and some of them are happy enough to be single all their life. Althogh we are facing the economic downturn, there are too many things which fascinate us and make us forget the meaning of marriage. We can be engrossed in our hobbies all day like sports, cooking or music if we want do so, and we can travel all around the world and leave nice memories on our life if we have a lot of money. I think only single people can invest all their time and money on the presures of life.

I think there are a lot of advantages of spending life alone. We can wear luxuary clothes, drive nice cars and live in a big house. And also, we don't have to worry about child-rearing or school expenses and the complicated relationship of relatives. Thinking about these good points, the single life seems really attractive enough for us. However, I will choose to get married someone in the end because if a lot of hard times wait for me, I think it seems more romantic than living life alone. We are living in less-communicated society and we don't have few chances to know each other, so we can regard arranged marriages just as a good opportunity to get to know future partner.

I guess nobody want to depend on arranged marriages to meet someone to love, and there are some people who choose to live alone and spend time and money for themselves if they must count on matchmakers to find ideal partner. I understand a lot of people in today choose those ways of living. However, I suppose the need of arranged marriages will increase because it's a nice way to help those rich but lonely people to connect others. In fact, I think almost everybody in the world wants to get marriage and spend life with someone to love, and I guess people who think the single life is the best are just bluffing. Choosing arranged marriages to get to know someone is not so bad way. Therefore, I think we have better take it if we don't have a chance to be in love at all.

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Have modern farming methods become too industrialized?

I don't mind modern farming methods becoming too indutrialized because even though they cast some shadows on our life and health, I think using modern technologies and methods are the natural progress of farming and these are the ways that professional farmers decided to take so I think we should be accustomed to it. I understand the importance of taking organic foods but I'm not a gourmet and considering the world food problem, I think we have better pay more attention to mass production of food than rich and tasty dishes.

However, we are now facing a lot of food problems such as Chinese frozen foods and milks or food mislabeling. Even though I think mass production of food is more important, these are terrible side effects of it. I don't need too much healthy life and body but it doesn't mean that we can treat it bad if we don't care and take lightly of the food safety, I think food-related problems will continue. And also, I don't care whether it's Japanese product or not, but I think delegating food processing to cheap-labor countries is not good trend because there are concerns that workers in there may not realize their responsibily of treating foods.

Although we are facing some negative cosequences of food industrialization, I think modern farming methods give us a lot of benefits over all. Thanks to new farming methods, we no longer suffer from food shotages at least in advanced countries and genetically modified foods, though it's a controversial issue, are actually nutritious ones and prolong our life expectancy. I understand some bad effects of using fertilizers on crops but some of them are beneficial for vegetable crops, so can we regard them as the advancement of farming?

I don't pay too much attention to my meals and I don't care about food calories or ingredients. I don't wanna get fat but basically I eat anything whenever I'm hungry even though they're junk foods or Chinese products. Actually, we see some negative effects of introducing new farming methods but I sometimes think that we exclusively focus on their bad points. New farming methods as a whole have enough potential to make our life more comfortable and provide food aid to poor countries. Therefore, we don't have to be so nervous about the industrialization of farming and I think we should focus on its good points rather than its bad points.

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Is it possible to report the news objectively?

In my personal opinion, it's impossible to report the news objectively because I think each newspaper company, TV station and the other kind of medias has different points of view even on the same news. Of course, each journalist also has own opinions about the news, and they tend to write more attractive and interesting articles than others. It means so-called objective reports often follow some kind of exaggerations and someone's private views. Although most of the press basically declare their objectivity and neutrality, there is always a discrepancy in their views, and those differences are often reflected in the news. Therefore, I think complete objective reports are impossible.

However, what are objective reports anyway? Each of the press has freedom of speech and press, and have an obligation to tell the truth without intervention of big powers. Of course, people have the right to know about it. So, is it something wrong that we have too many news paper companies and TV stations all over the world if we pursue the real and objective reports? We don't need so many maedias if the truth is only one. We know all the news through one mighty company. It's very cost-effective and natural way to report, isn't it?

Of course, it's completely wrong because if there would be the only one news company, bad information might be rampant when they lost control. In addition to this, I think the truth of the news is not the only one. The truth can vary from person to person and each people involved in the press think they have objectivity and aren't influenced by some kind of big powers. It means we have own perspectives and impressions on a news, and a good news for someone could be a bad news for others. Therefore, the definition of objective reports or journalism has not decided yet even though there is superficial ones.

There are some reasons which make the press difficult to report the news objectively. Their business is not volunteer works but profit-making ones, so they need sponcers who can afford to gave them money to keep their company. It means the press can't criticize sponcer companies freely in the name of freedom of press even though the company is doing wrong. And also, there are too many taboos about various issues and battles like conservative vs. liberal beliefs, the Right vs. the Left or capitalism vs. socialism. Like this, the press and journalism are always severely restricted. I want the press to report the news objectively as possible they can but I understand how hard to realize it, so I hope for their daily progress.

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Why are science fiction and fantasy so popular today?

I have a little doubt about this theme. Do SF/fantasy cultures really have a high popularity today? Actually, we see some big hits like "Harry Potter ", "The Lord of the Rings" or some Marvel movies, but is it true? I guess I just lack knowledge about these cultures. Anyway, the given topic is inescapable so I must come up with some good ideas. I don't watch SF or fantasy stuffs so often (I'll write about only movies), but I suppose some people may be engrossed in its unrealistic stories or flasy visual effects.

Although I mentioned SF/antasy negatively, I really love to watch those movies and get excited about its great actions and fantastic visual effects. And also, I like to be steeped in magical and imaginary future worlds. Anyway, what makes us so enthusiastic about those cultures? I suppose there are some reasons such as kind of nostalgia for good old days or flee from relentless reality. In other words, SF/fantasy movies fascinate and take us anywhere but here.

I understand those good points. Actually, when I feel so exhausted and try to run away from reality, I often watch some SF/fantasy movies because I wanna forget complicated human relationship and simply enjoy in the fiction. As I wrote, I don't watch SF/fantasy movies so often but I understand it's necessary for some people to relieve their everyday stress. I tried to find out some negative points of SF/fantasy cultures, but I couldn't find anywhere. However, I think it's O.K. cause I like all the movie cultures very much.

Before I started to write about this theme, I thought this was very easy theme and I could finish quickly, but I completely underestimated this topic. It seemed easy to me because I like movies very much, but that was a big pitfall. This is one of the hardest topic which I've ever written and I struggled so much to finish this topic. In most cases, I think we need to collect figures and facts, pros and cons or a lot of opinions and ideas to make esseys. However, I don't have any of them and can't come up with it, so here are messed up logic and ridiculous English. Anyway, this is a good example of bad essey...that's it.

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Wherever Door

Are modern telecommunications creating a common world culture?

In the development of modern technologies, human-beings have invented a lot of remarkable tools. Some were abused but most of them gave so many benefits for us. Above all, the development of telecommunication tools, from radio to internet, is really outstanding. Thanks to those progress, we can communicate with a variety of people in the world anytime anywhere and share the same information through satelite broadcast or Youtube. Now, we may be able to say that we've already built a common world culture, but is everything really all right to make a kind of universal culture?

Personally, I generally agree that telecommunications are making a kind of common culture because it has enough potential to develop more convenient and stressless society. However, I understand that in this too fast-changing development, a lot of people have some doubts about losing identity of indigenous culture or some demerits of accepting new technologies. I think these are really considerable problems. In fact, we're facing decreasing chances to know our local culture or history and participate in local events. Making a new technology is good, but it also creates some bad effects unintentionally.

However, I still think we have better keep up with new technologies and watch its progress kindly. Actually, it's pity to lose some traditional cultures and chances to know about it, but it's also a culture and history which we made. If our offsprings choose to live in a common world culture, it will be also a culture which they make. Therefore, my opinion about this theme is that we don't have to be afraid of any changes in the world. We need to discuss pros and cons of it deliberately, but we should be ready to accept it in the end because I think it's a natural process of making a culture.

Anyway, I think we don't have to be so serious about changes by new technologies because we have accepted and adapted flexibly many types of technologies like radio, TV, mobile phone and internet. It caused some frictions at first, but we garadually took them in our life so I think we don't have to worry too much. Now, we can talk through mobile phone wherever we are and know the newest information through internet. We should rather enjoy this situation than doubt about it. And also, I suppose the important traditions of our culture will never fade away and pass from generation to generation. It's just a natural selection and I think "common world culture" is nice word and sounds interesting to me.

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